Twelve Top Pest Control Tips For The Home

Home pest control should not be about a mad panic when you discover an invasion of fruit flies under the kitchen sink or a family of mice nesting in the basement. It should be an ongoing process based on two principals – good housekeeping and regular building maintenance. Very often pests are attracted into our... Continue Reading →

How to Kill Termites Quickly

There are several ways of eliminating Termites from your environment, especially from your home. One of the most effective ways of killing termites is the use of baits. The old primitive way of killing termites is to tie up some rags at the top of a piece of log and dip the log in a... Continue Reading →

What Are Bed Bugs?

Though their name might suggest that they are bugs, bed bugs are in reality insects and belong to the Cimicidae family. They nourish on the blood of humans, birds mammals. Although there are numerous species of these bugs, the ones that infest humans are Cimeximex hemipterus and Cimex leclutarius. Though their growth had been contained... Continue Reading →

Tips On Getting Rid Of Roaches

If you discover one roach in your house, you probably have hundreds living under your roof, possibly thousands or even a lot more. Let's do some math. Cockroaches can produce up to 30 egg capsules and within those capsules, there could be 15 to 50 cockroach eggs. One female cockroach can have up to 30,000... Continue Reading →

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