Ways to Control Rats in your Garden

People who love plants and growing their own vegetable love their garden, their gardens are very precious to them. However, if proper care is not taken, rats may find their way in your garden. Having rats in your garden will cause severe damage to it. So it is best to get rid of them asap. Rats are very agile and very hard to catch. Once they find a new home, they are very hard to exterminate and will survive for a very long period of time if you let them be. So it is advisable to contract Rat Control Services. Rats will thrive on eating your plants and vegetables as they are very nutritious. Here is a list of ways in which you can control the rats in your garden.

Ways in Which Rats can Harm your Garden.


  • Manage your Compost
    If you practice composting in your garden, then the rats might find a way to feed on the materials kept for compost. Make sure to keep them in a heavy metal container or a thick plastic bin as rats can nibble their way through thin plastic. This compost could provide food for the rats and make them last for days.
  • Destroy Their Nests.
    Try to find the place where the rats have made a nest, it will probably be a hole of some sort and make sure to destroy. Also, keep an eye out for places which could become possible rat nests, this includes any area which is warm and safe in your garden. Take early measure to make sure rats do not inhabit that place.
  • Pick The Edibles Early.
    If you have any vegetable or fruit plant in your garden. Make sure to pluck them as soon as they are ready, if you fail to do so, they will become a nutritious food for rats. Fallen fruits should also be picked up immediately.
  • Seal Off Any Entry Points to your Garden
    Once you have dealt with the rats, you should make sure to seal any points on entry the rats could use to infest your beautiful garden again. This will prevent further infestation.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Pest control

Everybody knows the fact that pest control is vital to stay away from infections causing insects and flies. But the first thing that you must not ignore is taking a step to do pest control at your place quite often. If you are planning to do pest control and looking for some clear guidelines, then here are a few steps that will take you through the do’s and don’ts of the pest control.

How to deal with pests:

  •    Firstly, to do pest control service at your place and to deal with them, you need to know where those pests at your place are.
  •    To know precisely what level of infestation is your place suffering, it is critical to know where those pests are first.
  •    Try checking your bathrooms, kitchen, wardrobes and all the corners of your home. If you have pets at your home, then try checking the area in and around them properly.
  •    There are chances of fleas occurring in the hairs of your pets. So be careful and never ignore any of the places in and around your surroundings.
  •    Any sort of quality professional Pest Control Company will help you out in finding those pests and in destroying them all together.

Things to do with pests:

  •    First thing is to check all the areas thoroughly. Never ignore the changes happening at your home.
  •    A few ants appearing once in a while is not very serious, but many ants occurring very often at your home is something that should not be ignored.
  •    Do remove the stable water in and around your home. Try to remove if there are any drums or any kind of containers filled with water.
  •    Do store the food in a closed container. Never leave the food open anywhere. Even inside the refrigerator, it is advisable to close the containers which contain food in it.
  •    Do clean the refrigerator very often, make sure there is no stagnant water in the refrigerator.
  •    Make sure you throw the trash now and then without forgetting or ignoring them.
  •    Do use natural pesticides and harmless chemicals if you are using it reduce insects and flue? Using harsh and string chemicals can cause damage that may lead to health problems.  
  •    At the end of the day when you are relaxed that pests have gone, they take no longer time to come back.
  •    Yes, they can come quickly, so try to close all the loopholes and hire a professional pest control company people if needed before the situation goes worst.

Things that you should not do with pests:

  •    Do not use too much of harsh chemicals and pesticides.
  •    Another one is using a wring pesticide without knowing its property and using it in a wrong quantity without knowing how much to use.
  •    Make sure you do not use a lot of outdoor pesticides for pest control service. Outdoor pesticides should not be used inside the home or office.
  •    Last and the most important thing is to try not ignoring the pests’ presence at your place. Try going for a pest control service as soon as possible.

Pest Control Services- Better Control for Better Life

Pest Control Services in Melbourne You all know that Pest control is a major concern in your home. Insects aren’t annoying, pests like termites, cockroaches, ants, and mosquitoes can be harmful to your homes and your health.

If you think that only home renovations are the only things keeping your property value but you don’t know regular pest control maintenance can improve your home’s resale value over time.

Pest control services not only make your life more comfortable while you are in the home, but it also makes the house safer for the next family to move in.

Over a time they have the potential to cause a lot of damage to a home. They can weaken your home’s structural integrity, which will ultimately hurt its value.

Some of the pests can chew through walls and wires, which will lead to extensive repairs if left untreated.

At that time let’s take a look and you don’t wait for anything and immediately call us. If you do suspect a pest problem in your home, you may want to consider professional pest control help.

If you selecting a pest control service then it is as important as selecting other professional services.

Pest Control Melbourne

You all know that pests can cause significant damage to your home. Especially in the case of termites and rodents, if your resident waits until they see visible signs before letting you know there may be a possible pest problem, the entire structure of the home may be damaged.

So getting quarterly treatments is much more affordable than having to repair the structure of your home.

Also, several pests will leave their remains throughout your home and can spread infectious diseases to humans which would probably not make renters very happy.

There are annoying pests that can invade it which destroys its integrity which is the minute termites.

They can be very subtle in their ways of destroying a house that is why they can be taken for granted but as time pass by, the home or building owners get annoyed by them as they have created a massive destruction.


If you noticed that your pest problem has already moved inside, you may need both interior and exterior treatments. It makes no sense to merely treat the inside of your home when the problem is coming from the outside.

Both interior and exterior treatments work together to eliminate the problem pests and keep them from invading again.

If you want to control pests that have always been a part of human evolution since a balance has to be maintained.

If you want to improve the agricultural output, one has to keep away the pests from the fields and protect the crops.


If you are looking for pest control  and you want to emergency services then our Marks Pest Control Melbourne provides you a great way that not only keeps your home insecticide-free but also to crop up from becoming major issues. Marks Pest Control offers is widely famous in Melbourne in offering effective pest control services including cockroach control, Ants Control, Bees Control, Spiders Control and Rodent Control.

Our policies include an annual inspection by a professional who knows exactly what signs to look for and what action to take.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite, How to avoid these Unwanted Bites….

You all know that bedbugs are also known as Cimex lectularius and they are very small wingless insects that feed wholly on the blood of warm-blooded animals.

They are small and oval insects that live in the blood of animals or humans. These bedbugs have flat bodies in the size of an apple seed.

When you want to get rid of these pests then you have to hire professional pest controls services in your home.

When you have to find bed bugs in your home then they are often found when sanitation conditions are poor and when birds or mammals are nesting on or near a home and they can also live and thrive in clean environments.

It is fact that bed bug bites do not hurt but it provides itchiness that results from the body’s reaction to them that causes discomfort.

But bites are soothing the irritation, but it can still be very distressing when there are multiple bites as is often the case with bed bugs.

Multiple bites and contact with bed bugs can also lead to rashes on your body and you have to consult a professional pest control services.


How to avoid these unwanted bed bugs from your Home:-        

  • You have to kill bed bugs with heating services so you have to raise the indoor temperature with room heaters you won’t do the job.You have also used special equipment at high temperatures if necessary for successful heat treatment. Bed bugs die when their body temperature reaches 45°C. You have to kill these bed bugs with heating services and you have to make sure that bugs there is no another place where they are hiding.
  • Bed bugs are mainly found in your home mattress and you have to avoid these bugs by hanging out in your hair but they do like to stay close to their food source and mattress is the first place you have to inspect. Bed bugs are also found in cracks and crevices of your home and they can fit into any gap the thickness of your home.
  • Sometimes bed bugs come with your luggage so you have to use a separate rack to keep your luggage. Bed bugs are mostly hiding in dark places in your bedroom which is closer to their potential host.
  • You have to provide regular vacuuming to your home because it is important. There are mostly bugs which are hiding under your carpet and your upholstery, but when you providing vacuuming then it removes all the debris from your carpet. You have also focused on the baseboards and areas where cracks and crevices like headboards and foot boards.
  • You have also used a dryer on your clothes because when you go outside then there are so many harmful pests that are attached on your carpet and at that time you have to need to dry clean your clothes with a dryer. You have to dryer your clothes at least 10 minutes at particular temperature. This helps to prevent all the bugs from your clothes.

At Marks Pest Control Melbourne, we provide services like Cockroaches Control, Ants Control, Silverfish Control, Moths Control, Bed Bugs Control, Bees Control, Wasps Control, Fleas Control, Rats Control, Mice Control, Spiders Control, all these services in good and affordable price. So book an appointment today and feel free to call us 1300335753.

Cheapest Pest Control Services

Our expert exterminators will take care of your bug problem. Scorpions, spiders, rodents & insects are no match for the technology that goes behind our sprays, granules, powders & tactics. Bug extermination and prevention require frequent visits from Pest control specialists. Termite inspections are necessary will help protect your biggest investment from irreversible damage. Here is how to find out how we can help rid your home of pests.

Cheapest Pest Control Services

African Honey Bee’s, Fire Ants, Crickets, Roaches

There are plenty of other pests out there that you try to keep out of your home. Some insects act as food for others, amplifying your problem. Africanized honey bee’s should be treated as a major problem and removed at the first notice of a hive. Crickets, ants & roaches are great foods for spiders & scorpions, and as such, need to be controlled with frequent Marks Pest Control Melbourne  visits.

Don’t Give Pest’s A Home for Infestation

Prevention is key to keeping pest problems in check. Keep your trash away from your house and be sure to empty inside bins as frequent as possible. If organic matter is in your trash, just take it out and don’t wait. The smell will attract insects, whether you can smell it or not. Also be sure to seal your home with weather stripping, screens & door jams to prevent the bug’s entrance.

Pest Control Services

Remove & Prevent Ants & Other Insects From Being In Your Home

Getting rid of insects & arachnids usually consists of extermination using pesticides. Our team is known for offering the best services for pest control Melbourne with guaranteed results. Our technicians are well-trained and experienced and remove those unwelcome guests from your home even on the same day of booking across all Melbourne suburbs. Typically, when pests appear, a food source in the house is present. Remove the food and remove the problem. Regular bug sprays is the best route to long term pest prevention.

Keep Your Home Pest free with Natural and Organic Method

You all know that Pests are something that organic gardeners have to deal with. However, there are ways to deal naturally with pests so that you are still able to limit your exposure to chemicals that are not good for you or your family.

Most of the time you use strong chemicals and poison to remove home pests like cockroaches, bed bugs and flies.

While they are the very effective way of eliminating pests, these chemicals and poisons can be very harmful to your health. They can cause damage to you, the soil, and mostly your pets and children.

Even if you practice organic gardening, Commercial Pest Control is still necessary. Garden pests just love the concentrated gatherings of their favorite foods.

Natural home pesticides are not only easy to make, they are cheaper and safer than many products you can buy on store shelves.

Let’s take a look at some natural insect repellents you can make for the garden.

Pest Control Melbourne

Natural home pesticides are exactly like chemical pesticides in one very important way. Organic bug spray for plants will kill any bug it comes in contact with, whether a pest bug or a beneficial bug.

It is always best before mixing up any natural insect repellent recipes to think hard how much damage pests are really doing to your garden.

ants pest control

Tips to make your home pest free with natural methods:-

  • The most important method to control of bugs by using Neem. It is an organic pesticide that can be used on your plants. The downside of Neem is that it will kill all the bugs, not just the bad ones.Also, it will kill your honey bees. To try to protect the bees in your garden, make sure that you do not spray the blooms. This will provide some protection. You can also use Neem oil which can also be used preventatively by spraying the leaves of plants that are often ravaged by pests before they’re actually infested.
  • You also use a homemade insecticide made from vegetable oil mixed with a mild soap that can have a devastating effect on certain troublesome insects, such as mites, thrips, etc. To make a basic oil spray insecticide, mix 1 cup of vegetable oil with 1 tablespoon of soap and then when ready to apply, add 2 teaspoons of the oil spray mix with 1 quart of water, shake thoroughly, and spray directly on the surfaces of the plants which are being affected by the little pests.
  • You can also make a solution of one part vinegar and one part water. Wipe kitchen counter tops and washroom shelves with this solution to remove odors and keep flies and ants away. You may also use pest-repelling essential oil sprays around the house. This will naturally reduce the existence of flies, mosquitoes, mites, and ants.
  • If you have a lot of ants in your home, you can interrupt them with cornmeal. Simply leave a little bit out where ants can easily access it, and your work is done You see, ants can’t resist the sweet taste of cornmeal, but their stomachs also can’t digest it properly.

Domestic Pest control operator intends to control an established pest animal using pesticides to protect an area or place in a building used for commercial or domestic purposes, at Marks Pest Control we serve the best quality of services like Cockroaches Control , Ants Control , Silverfish Control, Moths Control, Bed Bugs Control, Bees Control, Wasps Control, Fleas Control, Rats Control, Mice Control, Spiders Control. 

How to Control Rat Infection in The House?

rat control

Rats in the house! You must take immediate and powerful action to control or completely eliminate it from the house. This is one of the most troublesome rodents that can even cause food poisoning to the family members. They can live and survive in different situations in and around your house, farms or commercial places etc. They consume the human or pets food stored in your house. Rats contaminate the food-preparation surfaces through their feces, the rat’s feces contain bacterium and there are high chances of causing food poisoning. Apart from all the damages, the most important and irritating activity of mice is gnawing, which results in damages to the property structures.

Although pesticides are toxic and there are risks associated with pesticide use, licensed Pest control Services operators are trained to handle, store and apply these substances safely. Contact us for pest control services.

How to recognize the rat infestation?

You can recognize the rat infestation through droppings, gnawing and tracking. These are the areas which will indicate the presence of rats in your property. Rat’s nests are made from the shredded paper or other fiber materials they are found in the sheltered spots. If there are house rats you can feel the musky odor in or around your property. You can easily spot the rats during the daylight.


Steps for the rat control

The first and most important steps for Rodent Control Services is sanitation, examination, and elimination

  • Inspection is the very important part in Rat Control and elimination. Clearly, inspect in and around your property, once you find out the rat’s location you can easily set the rat trap or baits.
  • The examination is an important step in rodent control technique. It is very easy to eliminate the rats from house compared to the mice because the rats are typically larger. Through an examination of the property, you can easily seal the entrance for the rats in to the home. Mice can easily enter even through small openings that are 3/8 wide, all the openings greater than ¼ should be sealed to eliminate mice from the house. In the case of the rats, the openings greater than ½ must be sealed.
  • Sanitation process is very important to eliminate the rats completely from the house.
  • Rats are very cautious about the new objects, food and environment change especially the roof rats. Rats constantly explore and notice the environments changes, this is the reason why the bits and traps are avoided by the rats for one or two days. The rats approach the new food with caution. Within the colony, few rats are extra cautious about the new object or food and they easily manage to avoid the traps and eating the bites.

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Trapping or baiting – second important step in rat control

Placing the traps and bits are the most effective methods of getting rid of rats;


Compared to the baits trapping have some more benefits, this is the best alternative for those who don’t want to place the rodents baits in their homes. Rat trapping gives best results if the rat’s population is small. By trapping the rats you can easily dispose of the dead rats before they start smelling.

Rodent baits

Rodent baits are the poison baits and the homeowners should use the rodenticides in areas where the children or pets access are restricted. Use the tamper-resistant bait stations to get protection against the accidental poisoning. This station holds the baits and keeps the pets and children out from them.

Rat control services in Australia

Whether it is commercial space or residential, rodent control is very important to have hygiene and healthy environment. Call the Best Rat control services in Australia and get rid of the most irritating creature in and around your property.

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